Francisco, el Hombre

Francisco, el Hombre takes its name from a legendary character of Colombian folklore; an archetype of the wandering minstrel. But the name is just the opening salvo from this remarkable band.

The project began with brothers Sebastián and Mateo Piracés-Ugarte, but truly blossomed when they joined with fellow musicians Andrei Kozyreff, Juliana Strassacapa, Erin O'Connor, Victor V-B and André Cardoso. Drawing from both their Mexican roots and Brazilian and American upbringings, the band embodies a global perspective which they describe as (loosely translated) "noisy transamerican transculturalism.”

Francisco, el Hombre’s aesthetic is inspired by, among many things, Latin-American artwork enhanced by the brothers' travels through Africa, Europe, North and South America. They have played on the streets and in squares, in jungles and large venues. Francisco, El Hombre's contagious energy is unquestionable, in whatever language they may choose to sing.

Their first EP, "Nudez" (2013), marked the beginning of Francisco, El Hombre as a band. In 2015 they released the EP, "La Pachanga,” recorded in São Paulo. "SOLTASBRUXA" (2016) saw the coalescence of the band’s work, led to an international tour with more than 150 shows, and a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Music in Portuguese Language. After SOLTASBRUXA with its focus on social-political, feminist and equality issues, their latest album RASGACABEZA (2019) is about rupture. It’s more abstract and electronic with stray audio samples captured during their tours around the world from the web, the radio, and on the streets. It’s a more aggressive and chaotic music defying any preconceptions of the band’s limits.

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