“Tyva Kyzy” (‘Daughters of Tuva’) is the first and only female group that performs all the styles of Tuvan throat-singing. Customarily, women have been prohibited from performing throat-singing, yet Tyva Kyzy dares to perform this ancient art in their own unique ‘feminine’ style. Since their formation in 1998 Tyva Kyzy is changing the history of throat-singing, and creating a new future for the next generation of female throat-singers in Tuva.

In Tuva, their Central Asian motherland, exists a singing tradition that uses the voice abilities in the most peculiar way. By a special technique of amplifying and suppressing certain overtonal frequencies, throat singing gives the illusion of two voices coming from one mouth. Throat singing is also traditional in neighboring Mongolia and Khakassia, but nowhere it is so refined as in Tuva.