Los Cumpleaños

Avant-tropical post-truth NYC quartet Los Cumpleaños play classic era Cumbia, Porro, Son Caribeño, Salsa Criolla, and Colombian Bullerengue, filtered through synth-y psychedelic sound waves, a heavy low end, and a kind of joyful, irreverent and contagious cheekiness. The vibe is retro Latin pitched through a kaleidoscope; fun-house mirrored; Macondo-like. The band cites influences ranging from Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Sun Ra to Flying Lotus.

Colombian-born Nestor Gomez Jr. (voice/percussion) brings virtuosic talent and traditional musical knowledge from Barranquillas. Lautaro Burgos (drum kit/electronics) from Chaco, Argentina explores pan-Latin rhythms with both analog and digital percussion. The band also features Americans Eric Lane (keyboards) and Alex Asher (trombone), long-time friends and enthusiasts of avant-garde and free jazz, experimental, and global sounds. They’ve had a residency at Barbès since 2016.

Los Cumpleaños are not your birthday party. They are everyone’s birthday party, happening at the same time. Or maybe a reminder that every day can be your birthday if you’re in the right frame of mind.

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