Bobby Ganache + LoSax

Bobby Ganache, relentless digger of all things funky and groovy, teams up with producer and musician LoSax for a DJ set with live instrumentation: pulsing beats that are aided and abetted by horn stabs, spontaneous ideas, and creative variations on a theme. The sets are always unexpected, and infectious dancing is guaranteed. Both talented musicians in their own right, and as a duo they ring out the best combination of curated selections with live instrumental performance.

Alan (Bobby Ganache):
From around the time he learned to ride a bike Alan has been digging for music, from his parents record collection to the digital rabbit hole that is the internet, attempting to feed his desire for uniquely groovy tunes. DJing under his pastry chef moniker “Bobby Ganache,” Alan expertly weaves together new and old, presenting timeless music in fresh and innovative ways.

Loren Feinstein (LoSax):
LoSax has been tooting his own horn for a while now from Tuscany to Tucson, on stages and on barstools. No matter where he is, he finds connection with his audience and fellow musicians and satisfaction in the musical journey. Inspiration and creation converge as he conceives lyrical lines and catchy dance hooks in the energy of the moment.

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