Amirah Sackett

An internationally recognized hip-hop dancer, choreographer, and teacher, Amirah Sackett explores and embodies her Muslim American identity through combining hip-hop movement and Islamic themes. She is widely known for her creation of the choreography and performance group known as, “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic”, which reached viral video fame after being featured on POPSUGAR Celebrity, The Huffington Post, AJ+, and Upworthy. Sackett was honored to be a TEDx speaker, guest lecturer at Harvard University, and a cultural diplomat with the U.S. State Department in Bangladesh and Malaysia.

Amirah believes her art and identity as both Muslim and American, has the power to build bridges between communities fostering mutual understanding, increased knowledge, awareness, and unity. She uses her voice to fearlessly combat negative stereotypes about Muslim women, and educate communities with little or no contact with their fellow Muslim Americans. She believes hip-hop, as a medium, to be a transformative art form, both for the audience and practitioners.

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